Scent Diffuser Reve 25

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Professional grade scent diffuser for big areas. Its sophisticated design is perfect for home and business scenting. Give your family the best times and make your home a memorable place for your loved ones. 

In your store, give your customers the best shopping experience of their lives with awesome fragrances that will make them feel alive and enthusiastic. Your place will feel like home to them.

With Fridman's Fragrances Professional-Grade diffusers, you will get the same technology devices used by the best resorts and retails in the world.

Scent Diffuser Reve 25 will spread the perfect amount of the highest quality scents at the right times. 

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Dimensions: 230*300*90 mm.

Weight: 3.9 Kg.

Energy: 110 VCA

Consumption: 15 W

Reach: 400 / 42,400 ft³

Scent Oil Capacity: 500 ml

Connect to HVAC System

Cold nano atomization technology

Touch display

5 working period time programming 

10 intensity level

*This device can be a stand-alone unit, or it can be placed in the air conditioner system for a better scent spread.

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